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"Indulge In Your Perfection"

Welcome to Elegant Glim! 

The Best in Natural, Organic & Vegan Hair, Skin & Scents!


Here at Elegant Glim, We Are Dedicated to Helping Make Everyone Feel Like Royalty Without Charging the Price!

All of our products are made with only the highest quality Oils, Clay's, Salts, & other Natural Additives to ensure the best quality for you and your family's over all health.

We Offer Natural, Organic, Vegan, and Hand-crafted Soaps, Customized Moisturizer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath-bombs made with Kaolin Clay, Clean burning Candles & Wax melts and So Much More!

The 411 on Our Products!

(Human Tested for 8 to 16 Months Before Release! 


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Bath bombs

I Need This!!

Home Aromas

Our Scent Filled & Clean Burning Candles Are Organic, Vegan, & Natural!!

They Will Burn Clean, Ensuring Clean Air for You and Your Family. They Burn 15xs Longer Than The Leading Brands and Are Filled With Aromas You and Your Family Can Enjoy! We Offer Many Scents As Well As Sizes! We also Offer Wax Melts!!

We Consistently Change Our Scents to Corporate With The Time of Year So Make Sure To Check in for Your Favorites!!

I Love Candles! Lets Order!

Mens Soaps

Our Vegan, Natural, Organic, Hand Crafted, Long Lasting, Cold Process Soaps Will Leave Your Skin Smooth, Baby Soft, Lucious, Hydrated, Clean, & Smelling Amazing! 

We Use Only the Best Natural, Organic, and Vegan Oils, Clays, Salts, and Other Additives to Ensure Your Skin is Spoiled No Matter What Your Skin Type  & Age May be! 

Our Soaps Are Proven To Help Eliminate Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry Skin, Oily Skin,  Wrinkles, and More!

We Offer 28 Different Fragrances As Well As Unscented. 

You Are Guaranteed to Find a Soap That's Perfect for You As Well As Every Member of Your Family!

Hard working Mens soap!

Daily Moisturizer

This amazing moisturizer is our "miracle cream".

No matter what the skin issue, we customize a Natural Organic and Vegan formula specifically for you!

Whether you have:




Dry skin

Cracked skin

Under eye circles

Uneven pigmentation


Overly oily skin

Or any other skin imperfection, we promise to make a serum specifically for your skin's needs. 

At only $12 for a bottle that will last 3 to 6 months, it's a steal!!

Love your skin again

Lets Order!


Our new amazing Shampoos/ Conditioners will revitalize even the worst Dry, Damaged, Thinning, Dandruff, Dry Scalp, Oily,  hair after ONE USE!

(We used a very fine comb in all three pictures before taking the photo. The difference is amazing!!!)

Stimulating hair follicles for hair growth and strengthening hair for no more damage and 80-90% less breakage!

Perfect for color treated, heat damaged, product damaged, dandruff, oily, and all other hair types.

At only $8 a bottle, it'll leave your hair clean, strong, shiny, soft, conditioned, and full of body as well as thickness!

(Absolutely no down fall)

All of our products are Natural, Organic and Vegan so there are NO HARSH CHEMICALS and only the BEST OILS and Cleansers.

100% guaranteed.

Lets Order!!!

Whipped Body Butter

Our Natural Organic and Vegan Whipped Day & Night Time Body Butter is one of a kind! Our Amazing Proven Formula will leave your Skin Moisturized and Smooth, Soothing the Skin.

It also Reduces Wrinkles, Soothes Sunburn, Eczema, and other Rashes.

It Forms a Protective Barrier over the Skin while Nourishing with Vitamins and Antioxidants.

It will also Reduce and Prevents Stretch Marks! 

Click below to be redirected for placing your order!

Make My Skin Silky Smooth!

Hair Mask

 Our Natural Organic and Vegan Hair Mask is absolutely incredible no matter what the hair issues are!

Giving you Shinier, Softer hair & Added Moisture.

You can always depend on our hair mask to Reduce hair Breakage and Damaged, Giving you 10 times less Frizz with just ONE USE!

We guarantee a Healthier Scalp, Stronger Hair, & Less Environmental and Product Damage. Enjoy and love your hair again! That’s our promise.

Click below to order yours!

Take me there!

Body Sugar Scrubs

Our Natural, Organic, & Vegan Sugar Body Scrubs are amazing for:

* Exfoliation

* Evens skins texture

* Eliminates dry dead skin

* Reduces inflammation and redness

* Removes toxins

* Evens skins tones

And so much more!!

Click below for more information and to order yours!!

Girl, I NEED this!

99.9% Effective Hand Sanitizer

Our Amazing 99.9% Effective, 90% Alcohol (not that 70% or even 50% you find in other brands),

 Enriched with Natural & Organic Pure Aloe Derived from our very own plants 

Will leave your hands Soft & Smooth while giving you peace of mind!

Available in Lotion or Spray, it's perfect for on the go Elimination of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses Guaranteed!

No More Germs!

Contact Us

By Text, Call, Email, Even Facebook!!..We Are Always Here For You!

We Are Available 24/7 By Email!

We Are Also Available During Business Hours Via Text, Call, & Email.

We Are Happy to Help in Anyway Possible & Answer Any Questions You May Have!

Customer Testimonials From Our Facebook Page

Last names are not published due to privacy

- Jessica

 "your lotion should be sold EVERYWHERE! I have used your lotion a total of four times and you can NOT even feel my eczema bumps AT ALL on my one arm. My other arm has like two tiny spots yet. I wish you could come feel this. I am truly amazed. You are a miracle worker. Ask Victoria Christine my arms get really bad. My kids would say ew at how bumpy my arms would get. Peanut rubbed my arm last night and said "ooooo mommy your arm is so soft" she also told me when I took a nap yesterday she used my lotion and how soft her skin was. Which for Peanut is something because of how ashy and dry she gets. I'll be definitely getting her, her own bottle. I wish my sister could feel my arms too. I haven't felt the actual skin on my arms with no bumps in YEARS. I really can't thank you enough!! Two days, 4 uses and it's 90% gone!!!!! ❤ I will NEVER use anything else again! EVER!"

- 5 Star Rating

- Ashley

"Received a candle today and omg i love it!! It's a light smell so it's not the type that you have to blow out after 30 mins due to getting a headache from it being too strong. I absolutely love that it is all natural products being used to make the candles. Going to definitely put an order in for some melts :) I had my candle burning for the last 4 hours and it has my 1st floor smelling so good."

- 5 Star Rating


"I love the scented wax cubes. They smell amazing. Just one cube has scented my entire kitchen and living room. There was also a nice variety of scents to choose from. I received my order very quickly as well."

- 5 Star Rating

- Bobbiejo

"The candles are amazing. I have one in my kitchen and it has made my whole house smell it’s not to strong it’s perfect. Also I have no candle residue anywhere these candles are by far the best out there. It has lasted a while as well I’ll definitely be ordering again. The time and effort put into these products are amazing." - 5 Star Rating

- Patricia

I love her products, the candles last a long time and smell so good.

Amanda is a very honest person she takes pride in her business. - 5 Star Rating

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